Hi, I'm Vikram

An educator turned designer with a penchant for researching needs and prototyping interactions.

Based in Oakland, I spend my time learning to code, writing on culture and blending teas.

2000s: University & teaching technology to kids

2010s: Moving between web development and product design

Also see my quick portfolio, résumé or Dribbble.


Some of my more popular essays.

Do You Know What Your Toddler Is Watching On YouTube?

After watching my neices hazily use an iPad to surf YouTube, I produced an essay and commissioned original artwork for Message.

200+ Recommends, 12K Views, Featured on Digg

Is Mars Man's Midlife Crisis

Responding to the Mars hype after the release of Martian I looked into the motivations and implications of Mars colonization, produced for Message.

100+ Recommends, 6K Views, Trolled by Redditors

Surveillance or Surveying Your Identity

A speculative design essay on how do we might better identify users online beyond traditional fields and binaries, produced for Message.

40+ Recommends, 500+ Views, Featured on The Morning News

Past speaking engagements

The design of useful personal data

2016—Alterconf San Francisco

Life after coffee

2016—Good Magazine at Design Week, San Francisco

From research to prototype

2016—Whitespace Design Finale, San Francisco


You can find me on dribbble, medium and twitter.