Payments for shops & services

Research shows that Latin Americans underutilize banking services. With a growing demand among young adults for mobile finance, what if there was a better bill payment option.


Luka hired me to produce the brand identity, landing page and take the product from blockchain concept to tested prototype.

Understanding the Latin American banking customer

Payments in Latin America are difficult to transact because of banking restrictions, legacy architecture and regulations. This proves problematic for personal finances.

Most people still wait in lines each month to pay their bills at select kiosks or banks. Using a series of product sprints, we were able to bring the kiosk experience into a straightforward product flow.

User flow to map early release features

From prototypes to components

We tested various user interface strategies with a user advisory panel, using interfaces prototyped in material design. After a series of test, we found that a few state based custom components with strong narrative cues worked most effectively.

Process of developing UI components from preformatted to custom

A single payment flow focusing on state change over screen refresh.

Exploring a library of a few distinct elements presented with variations