Teas for cognitive enhancement

More and more people today suffer from stress and micronutrient deficiences. Teja is a tea club that uses natural compounds for cognition and mood enhancement.


Teja is my small business. I produced the brand identity, landing page and I've taken the product through tested iterations, from research to small scale production.

Beverages as a vehicle for nutraceuticals

A few years ago while trying to quit coffee and suffering from intense widthdrawal, I discovered the pleasures of drinking tea. Upon realizing that tea contained a compound called L-Theanine, a naturally occuring mood enhancer, I realized that caffeine alone was a blunt force tool.

For Teja, I wanted the brand to evoke a laboratory product rather than a victorian habit. Given that the product came in multiple formulas, a brand system was also required.

A rectangle composed of two squares that is 2/3 the width of a square

Functional varieties

Drawing from user needs, Teja was designed to emphasize functionality first rather than flavor. Hence, the varieties are organized by specific user needs, whether that's stress relief, cognitive enhancement or workout boost. Each function with its flavor varieties is captured in a symbol.

Developing an icon based tea classification system