In 2015 after design and planning, I launched Absurdist, a publication edited by a team of editors which gained 32k followers, a few million views and national exposure. I was also selected to contribute to Medium's Message as a culture and technology writer. I'm not really working on science fiction now.

Do You Know What Your Toddler Is Watching On YouTube?

After watching my neices hazily use an iPad to surf YouTube, I produced an essay and commissioned original artwork for Message.

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Is Mars Man's Midlife Crisis

Responding to the Mars hype after the release of Martian I looked into the motivations and implications of Mars colonization, produced for Message.

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Surveillance or Surveying Your Identity

A speculative design essay on how do we might better identify users online beyond traditional fields and binaries, produced for Message.

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The Internet Thinks You're An Automaton

I woke up from a dream about internet sheeple and wrote some prose about the dystopian now.

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Cassette Music Discovery

I wanted to share what I learned about independant music from running a popular cassette blog.

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The Expendable Entrepreneur

Inspired by an old essay by Venkatesh Rao on the subject of entrepreneurship, I looked at prevailing myths, produced for Message.

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Fear And Legislating in San Francisco

Reflections on the Airbnb's foray into city politics, produced for Message.

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The Color Palette Of Design

I explore the impact race representation in design, prototypes and renderings has on diversity.

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