I'm Vikram, an evidence based product designer and rigorous problem solver. I implement design systems, help teams establish design operations, and de-risk projects with product discovery to deliver exceptional software to enterprises.

I currently work at LaunchDarkly where I'm responsible for problem definition, interaction design, usability testing and design systems.

I'm not currently available for work but you can take a look at my resume or email me: atavikram at gmail dot com.


1. Building the future of distributed work at Gigster

App, Internal Tools & Marketing—UX/UI, Usabilty, CSS, Project Management

A usability study and component survey contributing to internal products like contractor dashboard and adminstrator payout tools. A marketing blog.

From concept to prototype

Drawing from my experiences as a Frontend Developer, I initiated moving internal teams over to a design system thus reducing the backlog of unimplemented designs. Previously, the team implemented designs in multiple frontend environments which I reduced to 2.

Response time on requested prototypes went from weeks to 48 hours. Developer implementation was significantly reduced from 8 months to a maximum of 1-2 months. The introduction of design constraints through 8px baseline grids and components significantly reduced QA issues during staging. In one instance, a payout tool went from prototype to usability testing and was deployed in 3 weeks.

As we rapidly doubled the design team, I researched and authored a heuristic which systematically evaluated user interface. The product group used this heuristic to survey existing products and emerging features for a wide array of experience failures.

Transferring knowledge to marketing

The maintenance of public sites was bogged down by a poor implementation and it no longer met the requirements of a newly formed marketing team. I saw an opportunity to improve our CSS implementation, which stood at over 500kb, 10k declarations, 300 fonts sizes, and 750 dimensions, so I founded a framework that simplified our CSS to just 50kb, 800 declarations, 20 font sizes, and 75 dimensions.

I led the migration on the backend from a poorly structured React app to a thoroughly componentized Server Side Rendered (SSR) Vue app with the headless Content Management System (CMS) Contentful supporting the build. The average time to launch marketing pages shifted from 3 months to 2-3 weeks given improvements in how operations were ordered and templates were generated.

Vikram is intelligent and self-motivated, driven to work to the best of his ability. He pursued continuous improvement staying informed about the latest design trends and showing interest in the strategic direction of the company. He moderates project discussions collaboratively, pulling together multiple stakeholders, and prioritizing necessary actions. His ability to work closely with engineers allowed us to ship a new blog faster and more efficiently compared to similar previous projects.
—Alonzo Felix, Design Director at Gigster
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2. Improving designer productivity and client deliverables with Booster

External Tools and Marketing—Component Kit, UX, Frontend, Documentation

A Sketch component kit complete with artboards, theming, and presentation layers for contract designers, distributed through a secure microsite cataloging features and tips.

3. Increasing user engagement and customer conversion at Niko

App—UX, UI

A usability study and updated product strategy driven by customer feedback, SaaS segment study and competitive analysis.