I'm Vikram, a product designer and systems thinker.

Working from problem definition through to usability testing, I design workflows for developers while growing design operations. I joined LaunchDarkly in 2018 as the first product designer and in 2021 started at WorkOS.

Before working in product, I was a high school technology teacher and Drupal developer. Well before that I was a kid prototyping apps in Visual Basic and designing flyers in Photoshop on an x86. I'm not actively looking for work but I'd love to hear what you're working on. Email me, vikramrojo at gmail dot com.


I worked at LaunchDarkly as a design lead for their Core Application squad. Our team is tasked with improving understanding and adoption of feature management. As part of that work, we've reviewed our information architecture to support better navigation, table displays, filters and rollout configurations.

Prior to this, I was responsible for building a design system across Figma and Storybook. Adding to this operational work, I've developed other standards such as designs briefs, interface inspections, whiteboarding and story mapping sessions.

My favorite project involved migrating our documentation site to a modern development stack. Central to this process was defining and prototyping a design system in React in parallel with Figma. My more recent work was as a lead on relaunching our Experimentation offering.


In my time at Gigster, I worked on a variety of projects from design systems to marketing. Most notably, I worked on producing a Sketch and Figma component library for gig Designers. I was responsible for research, implementation and product marketing of the tool. Post launch we saw an increase in consistency alongside quicker developer implementation.

My final project at Gigster involved redesigning and migrating our blog. The old site was bogged down by a poor implementation and performance. Our CSS implementation improved from a 500kb bundle, 10k declarations and 300 fonts sizes to just 50kb, 800 declarations and 20 font sizes.

Vikram is intelligent and self-motivated, driven to work to the best of his ability. He pursued continuous improvement staying informed about the latest design trends and showing interest in the strategic direction of the company. He moderates project discussions collaboratively, pulling together multiple stakeholders, and prioritizing necessary actions. His ability to work closely with engineers allowed us to ship a new blog faster and more efficiently compared to similar previous projects. —Alonzo Felix, Design Director at Gigster